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Better World Club Members Often "Asked" to Leave Town.

We Don't Need the Details, Just New Contact Info

Updating Kicking Asphalt Info Not Enough (Unless You Care About KA More Than Your Roadside Assistance--Makes Sense to Us)

So many of BWC members appear to be on the lam, that we thought we should refresh a couple of rules about updating your personal information.

You can now update your own contact information. It's easy. First, go out and buy a computer. Now go to and make it your home page.* Next, click on the "Member Only" section. Enter your Membership Number and Your Email address. (Need an address? We have thousands that we can sell you.) Be sure that you are entering the same email address that you provided the Club when signing up.

That's it. You're in! Go ahead and update all of your personal information. Take your spouse off your membership. You're too good for him/her anyway. You've moved and you don't want the law to know? Don't worry. It's highly unlikely that we would give the authorities your email address. We would have to be in very, very big which point, well, we knew you'd understand.

*Consumer Disclosure: It is not really necessary to make Better World Club your Internet Home Page to use the "Members Only" site.