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Waiting List:

We're always in the process of upgrading our insurance offerings. In order to do so (it involves a new, more price competitive underwriter), we have been forced to temporarily suspend quotes in a number of states. If you do not reside in one of the states listed above, we appreciate your interest and hope you'll check back with us again soon. You can also send us an email and ask to be notified when our insurance services are offered in your state.

Do You Hate Insurance or Just the People Who Sell It?

Don't worry, we don't take it personally. Oh, you meant for us to take it personally? OK, let's be constructive: we figured if we remain independent, offer excellent service, and offset your automobile's greenhouse gas emissions for the next year, what's not to like? Maybe you'll have a better opinion about insurance providers after checking out our Consumer Tips.

Why We're Different
  • We only want you to buy exactly what you need and we want you to be as knowledgeable as you can be when you make your purchases.
  • We are an independent insurance agency.
  • We do not work for an insurance company; we work for you. We are your advocate when you have a loss and follow through to see that you get fair, prompt payment.
  • We represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies. We place your policy with the company offering the best coverage at a competitive price. Even though all auto insurance policies may appear the same, not all are created equal. While that sounds vaguely un-American, it's true: we want to help you purchase a policy that gives you the best insurance protection and value for your money. After all, your vehicle is probably the second largest investment you'll make in your lifetime.
  • We offer discounts for air bags, anti-lock brakes and other safety devices.
Better World Insurance will offset your car's first ton of greenhouse gas emissions free!

Whether you like it or not, your car is contributing to global warming to the tune of about 10 tons (or more) of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in a typical year. We’re happy to calculate your car's total greenhouse gas emissions if you are interested in offsetting your contribution to global warming beyond the first ton at the rate of $11.00 per ton. For details, click here or contact us for more information.

Can We Quote You?

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We Need Your Help

Our insurance program is under development. So while we don't want to lose you as our customer, we also don't want your expectations to be unrealistic. Insurance pricing varies widely by state, as well as by the desire of various companies for certain kinds of drivers (old vs. young, single vs. married, good driving record vs. poor driving record). As a result, no one underwriter services every customer adequately: rather, we want to offer a roster of underwriters to serve each region and niche competitively. We need your information to help us build this roster. It will ultimately enable us to build a program with excellent service for all of our clients and members.

Join Our Waiting List: Send us an email and let us know that you want to be contacted once our insurance program is up and running in your state.

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Toll Free (Massachusetts only): 1.888.299.2993
Local (Massachusetts only): 617-876-5300
Toll Free (All Other States): 1-877-305-5040

1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment