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International Driving Permits
Although many countries do not recognize U.S. driver's licenses, most countries accept an international driving permit (IDPs). IDPs are honored in more than 150 countries outside the U.S. (South Africa included). They function as an official translation of a U.S. driver's license into 10 foreign languages. These licenses are not intended to replace valid U.S. state licenses and should only be used as a supplement to a valid license. IDPs are not valid in an individual’s country of residence.

Eco Tour Companies

  • Conservation International
    Email: c.christ@conservation.org
    Website: www.conservation.org

  • Ecoventura/Galapagos Network
    Email: info@galapagosnetwork.com
    Website: www.ecoventura.com

    A visit to the Galapagos Islands, a quintessential natural history destination, refreshes your sense of awe. Each year, Ecoventura carries thousands of nature enthusiasts to this extraordinary archipelago scattered across the western-equatorial Pacific Ocean where species of plants, birds, reptiles, and marine organisms thrive; many of them live nowhere else on Earth.

Environmentally Friendly Cruise Lines

  • INTRAV / Clipper Cruise Lines
    Email: info@INTRAV.com
    Website: www.clippercruise.com

    For 20 years now, Clipper has been providing travelers with a unique way to see the world -- from the decks of a small ship. Each year, our four ships take passengers to varied and exciting destinations both close to home and far abroad and are always ready for spontaneous discoveries along the way – a pod of whales, a quiet cove, or a surprise chance to drop our landing crafts in the water and go ashore. Our friendly crew and staff of naturalists and historians are always there to help you enjoy the casual ambience of our ships and the camaraderie of your small group of like-minded adventurers.