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USA Today: November 2007
Ask an Expert: Yes, you can earn green by going green July 2007
Better World Club: Challenging the Highway Lobby

The Wall Street Journal: June 2007
Competition for Roadside Assistance Heats Up

sustainlane: March 2007
BWC President Mitch Rofsky is Interviewed

Santa Cruz Sentinel: July 2006
Where to go Green

CBS: August 2005
To Join Or Not To Join Price Clubs

NRDC: OnEarth: Winter 2005
How to Fly the Guilt-Free Skies
By Jeff Greenwald

Green Futures: March 2005, Issue 51
Driving Change: Cheaper Roadside Assistance Rewards US Hybrid Car Owners

NRDC: OnEarth: Winter 2005
How to Fly the Guilt-Free Skies
By Jeff Greenwald

New York Times: February 25, 2005
Renting a Green Car: French Fries, Anyone?
By Bonnie Tsui

Environment News Service (ENS) : February 24, 2005
Freebie for Hybrid Car Owners at Better World Auto Club

Reno Gazette Journal: December 27, 2004
Can There be a Better World?
By Cory Farley

Oregon Business: November 2003
Getting There Green
By Oakley Brooks
Alternative Auto Clubs - AAA isn't the only game in town.
By Robin Dalmas

BikeMag: July 14, 2003
North America's First Free Bicycle Roadside Assistance Program

Fortune Small Business: June 04, 2003
The Next Big Thing: This auto club is almost a carbon copy of the AAA--without all the pro-pavement lobbying
By Julie Sloane

Portland Tribune: April 18, 2003
Green Giants of Business: 10 Portland companies find benefits in helping the city’s environment
By Lisa Cohn

The Register Guard: March 09, 2003
Green Machine: Eco-Friendly Auto Club Challenges Long-Dominant AAA
By Rosemary Camozzi

Alternet: February 20, 2003
Roadside Help With a Smaller Footprint
By Michelle Nijhuis

New York Times: February 18, 2003
Offsetting Environmental Damage by Planes: Do you feel guilty about global warming every time you get behind the wheel of your car? If you are a frequent flier, start feeling more guilty.
By Harry Rijnen February 11, 2003
Road Warriors: A travel club provides a greener alternative to the AAA
By Michelle Nijhuis

The Center for a New American Dream:
Buying Green: Auto Club Membership

Have a Breakdown, the Environmentally Friendly Way

by Dave Tilford Total Commercialization Awareness!
Al-Qaida online, Slashdot sells out and Yellowstone National Park gets renamed: Salon's top 10 technology and business predictions for 2003.

Travel + Leisure: August 2002
Not Your Father's Auto Club
By Jane Bills

In the Public Interest: July 3, 2002
The Better World Travel Club
By Ralph Nader

NOTE: The above article was also picked up by the following publications and web sites:
San Francisco Bay Guardian: July 10, 2002
The Voice News, Washington DC

Washington Post: July 19, 2002, Page E01
Travel Clubs / Two For the Road? A new travel club is challenging AAA, saying it offers virtually the same services while being more environmentally friendly.

Co-op America Newsroom: July 2002
Editorial: Business Travellers Can Travel Light on the Earth
By Erica Hesch, Public Education and Media Coordinator at Co-op America
Stop Sprawl -- Pro-environmental Alternative to AAA

Atlanta Journal - Constitution: July 2002
TRAVEL: 'Green' Roadside Help
By Paula Crouch Thrasher

The Woodchuck Cafe: July 2002
Now Featuring Better World Travelers Club
By Arthur Stamoulis

Oregon Business: June, 2002
Going After AAA: Better World Travelers Club is pitching their green programs and discounts to environmentally conscious travelers.

Harper's Magazine: May 2002
AAA Paves the Road to Hell
by Ken Silverstein

American Statesman: May 7, 2002
From Our Readers: Comments on the Cities of Ideas series by the Austin American-Statesman
By Charles Heying, Ph.D. / Associate Professor / Urban Studies and Planning / Portland State University

Portland Tribune: April 26, 2002
Where the gas is greener: New auto club aims to take on AAA and offer environmental kickbacks

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