A Bipartisan Call to Protect the Arctic

Arctic Drilling Might Cool Investor Fears, but it will also Boil the Dreams our Children

Better World Club and Oregon businesses write to President Obama and OR Delegates to say "NO!"

Last week, Sen. Maria Cantwell, along with Republican Sen. Mark Kirk from Illinois introduced legislation that would extend wilderness protection to 1.56 million acres in the Arctic National Refuge’s Coastal Plain.

Oil Companies and oil cronies have said for years that the Arctic refuge is nothing more than a wasteland of snow.  Gale Norton, the Interior secretary for the Bush administration called it “flat white nothingness.”  Sarah Palin and other conservative talking heads have painted a picture of the Arctic as an empty land ripe for one thing - “Drill, baby. Drill.”  The tired refrain sends shudders down our corporate (and personal) spines and is a reminder of how easy it is to have a strong, uninformed opinion.

The Seattle PI reported on Sen. Cantwell’s rafting trip and efforts to explore and preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Therein Cantwell states that this refuge is a “national treasure,” and “We need to advance forward-looking solutions for America’s energy future while preserving this treasured pristine land and the unique ecosystem that depends on it.”

Adding to her sentiments is Sen. Kirk, who has said, “Designating this land as wilderness will benefit generations to come.”

Many businesses in Oregon, along with Better World Club, have added their voice to support this bipartisan effort, submitting a formal letter to President Obama and Oregon delegates stating our clear opposition to any drilling in the Arctic Ocean.  The letter was handed directly to Congressman Defazio and Wyden last week.


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