AAA Missouri Refuses to Cover Large Pickup Trucks

Company Says Shooting Self In Foot Actually Part of Business Plan

In 2010, Americans purchased 370,000 heavy-duty pickup trucks. In rural areas such as Texas, almost 1 in 4 people are truck owners. So we're puzzled that new customers are coming to us, having been turned away from AAA for having trucks such as the Ford F-350. We called AAA Missouri (which also serves Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, E. Kansas, S. Illinois, S. Indiana and Texarkana, TX) to see what was up. They confirmed that they won't cover trucks larger than 3/4 ton. What surprised us more was that they didn't offer any alternatives, such as upgrading to RV coverage. Sure, heavy-duty trucks might not be the most ecologically-friendly vehicle out there, but they're not among the worst gas guzzlers - that dubious distinction is held by luxury brands such as Mercedes and Ferrari. If you have a pickup truck, Better World Club can cover it. We'll even authorize you to blast Brooks & Dunn while you're waiting for the flatbed to arrive.

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