AAA Offers Bike Roadside Assistance in Three States and Two Cities.

But only if you own a car…?

At this rate, they’ll catch up to Better World’s nationwide service in…about 125 years.

For traffic sake, Batman! AAA has started offering bicycle roadside assistance in New Jersey, Minnesota, after following Better World Club’s lead in the Northwest.  They’ve even gotten a good bit of media attention for the addition, especially in New Jersey and Minnesota.  And yet they are not offering bicycle roadside assistance to anyone who doesn’t own a car – essentially saying “What sane American would own a bike and not own a car???”

Hmmm…What sane American bike owner would select one of these AAA programs?

In select regions and counties, AAA covers members for 5 or 100 miles.  Again, that is ONLY in specific areas – it is not nationwide.  And bicycle assistance can only be purchased as part of their auto coverage.  (BWC provides bicycle roadside assistance with free transportation up to 30 miles, nationwide, regardless of your transportation preferences.    Not only do we cover you anywhere, but if you don’t have a car, it’s usually 25% or more less expensive, with more coverage than AAA’s Basic Auto.)

Let’s use AAA Minneapolis as an example.  These guys are on the right path, and we love them for it. As they have said:

“We know AAA Minneapolis members have a diverse range of interests, and we are committed to supporting their affinity for biking. As an organization, we at AAA Minneapolis are in constant pursuit of opportunities that enhance quality of life for our communities.

Beginning July 1, 2013, AAA Minneapolis will provide bicycle service across all membership levels…If members become stranded with a disabled bike within Hennepin County, they can call AAA Minneapolis, and we will meet them on the road and give them and their bike a lift.”

Classic members are covered for 5 miles on their bikes; Plus members are covered up to 100 miles.  100 miles!!?!  Awesome, right?

Did you know that Hennepin County is just over 30 miles across? It is about 40 if you’re traveling north to south.  And even with their 100 miles of coverage, an AAA member whose bike breaks down in St. Paul is going to have to catch a cab, because they are not covered by AAA in St. Paul.

They can walk their bike to the Hennepin County boarder, though.  It’s not too far.

We’re pretty sure we don’t have to say it, but there is this cool company called Better World Club (horn tooting) with a cute green logo.  We’d pick you up in St. Paul.  Or Eldina. Or Duluth for that matter.

What is the upshot for AAA members who bike?

Well, they can brag that AAA Plus could give them 100 miles of bicycle coverage.  But given the size of Minneapolis, they could never use them.
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