That’s the Reaction on Twitter Regarding AAA’s Attitude toward New York State Traffic Laws.

First, our t hanks to Eric McClure (who’s Twitter handle is @EricMcCluireBK) for our headline.  

Eric is responding to New York AAA’s response to innovation in transportation and safety measures:  “No!” 

What does AAA believe is a bad idea for New York City?  Bike lanes, camera enforcement technology, congestion pricing, pedestrian plazas(all having been lobbied against by AAA), and, apparently, speed limits


For the same reason we’ve come to expect from our car-centric competitors – because cars should be unimpeded, and cities should be able to be congested with cars without being further congested by bikes (taking up space), camera enforcement (forcing people to stop at red lights), or speed limits (preventing people from speeding from bumper to bumper). 

AAA spokesperson Robert Sinclair is actually quoted as saying, “On some roadways in our area, the speed limit is artificially low…Everyone’s not driving 30 miles an hour. If you did, the city might grind to a halt.”   
Well, Once again, we’ve been outsmarted by our competitors.  AAA has proven their case with words, despite multitudes of evidence to the contrary (including their own research), that these “anti-car” transit regulations and solutions produce nothing but carbonic misery and death. 

We know.  We too were shocked when we found this out.

We learned this by checking out a presentation by AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety talks about improving pedestrian safety though “reduce[ed] vehicle speeds, include[ing] traffic calming techniques such as speed bumps, lane narrowing, and changes in roadway curvature as well as increased enforcement or reduction of speed limit.” 

So, we will accept the AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety’s recommendations even if AAA doesn’t.  We will let you know whether AAA is able to block attempts at improving traffic conditions in New York.  
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