Better World Club Celebrates Marriage Equality

Offers Free Associate Memberships to Anyone (Gay, Straight, or Metrosexual) Married between December 1st and Valentine's Day

This November Maine, Maryland, and Washington State all voted to endorse marriage equality. We haven't been this excited since we celebrated with Californians back in 2008. BWC is the first auto club to recognize domestic partners – and gay marriages – nationally.

Couples married between December 1st and Valentine’s Day of 2013 can fax or send Better World a copy of their marriage license. Better World Club will then waive its sign-up fee as well as the Associate Membership fee, for a savings of up to $47.

The gift isn’t limited to same-sex couples. It applies to any newly-married couple, whether they’re located in one of the growing numbers of states that recognize marriage equality, or whether they’d just like to join Better World Club in celebrating the power of love.

Kicking Asphalt

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1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment