Better World Club Gives a Free Membership When You Give Two as Gifts

International Tribunal Nixes Original Plan, Rules That Shipping 18 Tons of Fruitcake Violates Geneva Convention

We're now offering bigger rewards for gifts and referrals! They're environmentally friendly (and 100% free of candied prunes).

Through December, if you refer new members or give memberships as gifts, we'll shower you with Good Car-Ma Points!

Buy or refer 2 Premium memberships, and you'll earn 40,000 points – enough for a year of Premium coverage. Buy or refer 2 Basic memberships, and you'll earn 23,000 points – enough for a year of Basic coverage.

For gift memberships: when you’re signing up for someone else, select "this is a gift" in the top right-hand corner of the form, and our highly-advanced computing system will assign you the points.

For referrals: whether you're the person doing the referring, or the one being referred, just send us an email with the name and address (and member number, if you're feeling fancy) of both parties. Then our highly-advanced, carbon-based technicians will make sure you get the rewards you deserve.

If you have friends who might like to become members, play matchmaker by following this link. We’ll send them an email (don't worry: we value privacy, and we don’t spam) with information on our services. If things go well, we might even invite them up to see our etchings.

For more information about the Good Car-ma Program, read the article here. To view your point balance, or to redeem points for rewards, log on to the member section of our website.

Kicking Asphalt

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1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment