Better World Club Takes On Climate Change by Offsetting a Critical Source of Hot Air: Congress

We’re Not Warren Buffett, So We Can’t Offset All of It!

Better World Club, the nation’s only eco-friendly auto club, announced today that it is going to offset one of the nation’s most important sources of hot air:  the U.S. Congress.

To accomplish this, Better World Club will offset more than 100 tons of carbon emissions generated by the Capitol Power Plant—representing one day of a Congressional session.   Because of Congressional floundering, the Capitol Power Plant still operates using dirty fuels and pollutes the D.C. area to the tune of more than 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide (not to mention other pollutants) every year.

William A, Nitze, CEO of Climate Clean, Inc. and a Washington, D.C. resident, says. "Pollution emitted from the Capitol Power Plant endangers public health and contributes to the climate change threatening our planet.  This Congress has released a lot of hot air about fighting climate change but doesn’t offer real leadership.  We need to take positive action, now."

Carbon Offsets are a market based solution that allows individuals or companies to pay for the environmental cost of their carbon footprint.  Carbon offsets fund programs actively reducing emissions through innovation or restoration.  Sites like landfill GHG reclamation projects, industrial scale recycling, and reforestation are examples of projects funded by carbon offsets.

One such project supported by this effort is an industrial recycling facility located in Anaheim and Bakersfield, California, USA.  Adams Steel quantifies the greenhouse gas emissions reduction resulting from Adams Steel's activities taking place at their two facilities and we purchase the offset.

Adams Steel recycles metals from all types of material and the principal metals produced are steel, copper and aluminum. The two Adams Steel facilities employ Mega-Shredders that process from 150 to 300 tons per hour. The Mega-Shredder implementation in Anaheim was in 2004 and Bakersfield was in 2005. The Mega-Shredders are capable of processing up to eight to ten times what ordinary shredders are capable of. It allows the recovery of heavier metals such as cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, trailers, machinery, etc.

“The first step in solving global warming is prevention.  Better World Club encourages carbon reductions through less driving and investment in public transportation.  But sometimes, prevention is not possible, so environmentalists, progressives—all Americans—need to turn to carbon offsets for remediation,” states BWC President Mitch Rofsky.  “BWC wants to highlight the need to offset transportation emissions we cannot reduce.   This is the first of a series of public carbon offsets will highlight the need for remediation.  Americans can address this need by purchasing carbon offsets.” Better World Club was the first travel agency to purchase carbon offsets.  It also pioneered by providing offsets for the first 2,000 miles of driving to each of its auto insurance customer.

BWC wants to highlight the need to offset transportation emissions we cannot reduce.   This is the first of a series of carbon offset highlights.
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1% Donated to the Environment