Clean Fuels Act Passes in Oregon over AAA Opposition

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Do Political Fights Ever End?

The Clean Fuels Act Passes in Oregon over AAA Opposition. Now Opponents are Seeking to Roll It Back.

Hmmm..Which Is Cleaner: Our Fuels or Our Politics?


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown gave the Clean Fuels Program extension a green light two months ago. Now big oil companies--with at least the tact support of those who opposed the Clean Fuels Program like AAA--- are in the Capital trying to roll it back before the legislative session is even done.

Opponents are holding this program hostage for a transportation bill that does not guarantee any benefits for our air, our climate, or clean technology entrepreneurs. (Clean Fuels has had more than six years of public hearings and process. The transportation package is being negotiated behind closed doors.)

Oregonians fought hard for years in an open, public process for the Clean Fuels Program. It removes dangerous pollutants from the air and encourages clean energy investment and job growth in Oregon. According to the Oregon Environmental Council, the Clean Fuels Program will guarantee a 7 million metric ton reduction of carbon pollution. The equivalent to 37,500 rail cars of coal.


Dozens of Oregon businesses and clean technology investors are counting on this program for their business planning. With the state’s commitment to implement this program, they will invest, grow, and hire more people. Overturning the Clean Fuels Program means undercutting good, living-wage jobs for Oregonians.


The oil industry has already gotten exemption after exemption as the Clean Fuels Program has gone through the legislative and rule-making process. These exceptions add up to 377 million gallons of fuel. That means 25% of the greenhouse gas reductions--needed to protect our state from wildfire, drought, and polluted air--have already been given away.


Most clean fuels are less expensive than gasoline. Over time, competition and innovation from clean fuels will drive prices down, not up. In fact, an independent analysis says that the Clean Fuels Program will save Oregonians up to $1.6 billion on fuel costs over 10 years. In the short run, we already know the cost of this program’s impact on gas prices in California: 1/3rd of a cent.

The Clean Fuels Program achieves its goals without using state subsidies. It is a market-based program that lets entrepreneurs and investors decide the best and most cost efficient way to reduce our pollution. 


Big Oil is looking for any way they can roll back this win for Oregon consumers and a changing climate--including frivolous lawsuits and ballot initiatives.

If you are interested in letting Oregon lawmakers know where you stand, their phone numbers are listed below:

Governor Kate Brown


Representative Val Hoyle, House Majority Leader


Senator Peter Courtney, Senate Majority Leader


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