Here is our prediction for 2014!

Good Car-Ma Points will rain down upon your membership heads as we improve our Good Car-Ma Points program.

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BWC will be launching our brand new site February 1, 2014. Our new site will better support both PC and mobile devices, be easier to navigate, and will be more user-friendly. Our discounts will be easier to find, access, and browse. And, along with these interface changes, we will have a new blog with new content added frequently. In the background, there will be better security, speed, and increased browser support.  We think you will love the new site, so be sure to check it out in February!

Good Car-Ma Points:

Good Car-Ma program is being revised to better reward members who 1) have zero usage in a contract year, 2) Members who purchase gift memberships or tell friends who also join BWC, and 3) Members who purchase other services though BWC (like insurance, carbon offsets, or Personalized Travel Booking.

We would like members who sustain us to be rewarded with a free membership every four years or so (more often depending on Car-ma points earned). We also want to encourage members who let their friends use their membership to A) Not, and B) Get their friends signed up. 

Program changes set to effect Feb 1, 2014. Except for special offers, only full-priced memberships and gifts will be awarded full good Car-Ma points for a contract year. Retroactive Good Car-Ma points will be awarded starting January 1st, 2014.

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1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment