Improve Your Karma with BWC's New Good Car-ma Program

Perform Positive Actions and Better World Will Improve Your Car-mic Condition

And When We Improve Your Material Condition, We Hope to Improve Your Spiritual One as Well

(Just Remember Us in Your Prayers, or Meditations...or Whatever)

Have you bought a carbon credit to offset your driving this year? Purchased Better World auto insurance? Let your friends know about Better World Club? Maintained your car so you didn't need to use our emergency roadside assistance?

Well, and as you've probably already come to recognize (we love our members, after all), Better World Club isn't only there for you when you're stuck on the side of the road. Now, in our infinite benevolence, we've developed a new rewards program that will literally help you "Improve Your Car-ma."

We're proud to announce that members will now be earning Better World Club Good Car-ma for a variety of activities related to Better World Club services and associated travel.

Starting right away, members will build Good Car-ma by referring new members, purchasing insurance policies, purchasing carbon offsets, or booking travel through the public booking engine at the Better World Club website. Members will also get Good Car-ma for going entire membership years without calling for roadside assistance. That's right: things you're doing already. (Well, some of you, anyway.)

We'll keep members up to date on their Good Car-ma levels at the
member section of the website. (That way you can gauge whether or not you think you should let yourself test drive that Lamborghini.)

Then, once you're satisfied with the positivity that you've contributed to the socially responsible transportation cosmos, you can cash in on a variety of rewards! Currently, Good Car-ma can be exchanged for free associate memberships, free national park passes, carbon offsets, and even free memberships. The complete list of rewards, which includes the Good Car-ma values necessary to redeem them, is also available at the
member site. Be sure to check back often, as we'll be expanding and updating the rewards list as the program unfolds. You can review a list of the rewards you've redeemed in the past here.

How much Good Car-ma will you need to be able to redeem each reward? Find out
here. More questions? Check out the Good Car-ma FAQ page. We'll be expanding that, too, as we collect feedback from members on the program. (It probably also wouldn't hurt if you read our Good Car-ma Terms and Conditions.)

Feeling better? More balanced? We hoped so. It's no use being so hard on yourself all the time anyway. But don't take your Better World Good Car-ma as license to start taking your private jet for all of your trips or to lose control on the road -- it's not going to pay your bail. (Have you heard of bad karma? Better World Club President Mitch Rofsky may be becoming more familiar with it after suggesting that he might start using Good Car-ma to pay the staff.)

Check out the rewards that you can get for building your Good Car-ma

Kicking Asphalt

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1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment