Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates Promotes BWC

Every New BWC member that signs up though SABA will see part of their membership dues returned to SABA to support their efforts.

Better World club has recently developed a relationship with the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA).  Every new BWC member that signs up through SABA will see part of their membership dues given back to SABA to support their efforts.  Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates is a bicycle advocacy and activism organization working with public agencies and private entities that influence where and how people can ride bikes.  Their goal is to protect and improve access for people who ride bikes (and people who want to ride bikes but are waiting because of safety concerns).

SABA hosts events including Light On!, a free bike lights distribution effort to help make bike-riders more visible at night.  FYI: SABA is currently looking for sponsors to help underwrite the purchase of more lights.

This summer they've been working to convert curbside parking spaces into public spaces to restore our public streets as places for people, not just cars. And you can look forward to car-free open streets events were residents can enjoy their neighborhood by bike or on foot.

Visit SABA’s website to find out more about SABA and how you can get involved.  Check out also SABA’s resources for maps and route planning, best practices for protecting your bike from theft, the rules of the road, instructions for reporting roadway hazards, and a list of shops (in Sacramento and surrounding  areas), clubs and other useful bike-related resources.  Individuals who sign up for Better World Club through SABA will also be supporting SABA’s efforts
Kicking Asphalt

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1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment