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  Recycled TravelCool! TravelTips

TravelCool! was a monthly travel eNewsletter of Better World Club. Being a responsible traveler is easier than you may think. We support and promote low impact, responsible travel through partnerships with companies who share our philosophy and committment to protecting the planet.

January 2007

Tips on responsible travel.

November 2006

I'll Be Home For Festivus, read our five holiday travel tips.

October 2006

The Important Non-Existential Questions One Should Ask At The Car Rental Counter, six tips.

September 2006

Some Ways To Protect Your Film, and by Extension, Your Vacation Memories. After All, You Don't Want to Deprive Your Family of the Joy of Watching Your Vacation Slideshow, Complete With Thirty Pictures of Identical-Looking Cathedrals. Read the six tips.

August 2006

Travel Tips From The US Department of State (And Better World Club). If you are traveling abroad, read the top 10 tips you need to make your trip easier.

July 2006

When You Leave For Vacation This Summer, Don't Return To Find Your Belongings On A Vacation Of Their Own. Follow Our 9 Simple Tips next time you go on a trip.