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Better World Club Rewards Prudent Car Ownership while Surcharging Irresponsibility

Portland, Ore. -- (February 22, 2005) -- Better World Club announced today a breakthrough in corporate responsibility: providing cost incentives to car owners based not on the costs to the company, but on the costs to society.

Better World Club announced a Buy One Get One Year FREE Membership Special for the owners of hybrid cars. The same discount will be available for other alternative fuel vehicles, such as electric or hydrogen fuel cars. The announcement is timed as many of the original hybrid car owners are seeing the end of roadside assistance coverage provided with the purchase of their cars. Better Word Club is the world's first and only roadside assistance club dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of travel.

At the same time, Better World Club announced a surcharge on the three worst gas-guzzling cars released in 2005: the Dodge Ram 1500, the Lamborghini Murcielago, and the Hummer H2. According to government statistics, each of these cars gets approximately 9 miles to the gallon. The surcharge will be 20% on each of these cars for any auto membership.

“At a time when the car companies are charging more for hybrids, when states like Oregon have charged higher registration fees for hybrids, Better World Club wants to recognize hybrid owners by charging them less,” says Mitchell Rofsky, Better World Club President. “Hybrid owners are taking the lead in helping to reduce U.S. dependence on imported oil—and deserve to be rewarded.

And, as for the Dodge Ram 1500 and Hummer H2s, there’s really no excuse for 9 mile per gallon cars today. Come on. The most efficient result would be if the market did more to penalize automobiles that impose their pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and gas guzzling on others. Our carbon offset program shows that there are conscientious consumers who will pay extra to mitigate their pollution. We hope that the owners of these cars will do the same.

And we had to include the Lamborghini but, as we don’t believe we have any Lamborghini members, it wasn’t a big sacrifice on our part. Next year, I hope we can limit the surcharges to the Lamborghinis alone.”

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, if the U.S. would:

  • Raise fuel efficiency standards on American cars by one mile per gallon, in one year, Americans would save twice the amount of oil that could be obtained from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Raise fuel efficiency by 2.7 miles a gallon the United States would eliminate all the oil imports from Iraq and Kuwait combined.
  • Raise fuel efficiency by 7.6 mpg, the United States would eliminate 100% of its gulf oil imports into this country.

Hybrid cars generally increase the fuel efficiency of comparable automobiles by more than this 7.6 mpg goal.

The Hybrid Special is available through May 31, 2005. New members can join online at www.betterworldclub.com

The Gas Guzzler Surcharge will be imposed until further notice.

About Better World Club

  • Portland, Oregon based Better World Club is the only socially responsible, environmentally friendly roadside assistance and travel club in the country that strives to balance its members transportation needs with their desire to protect the environment. The Company acts as an advocate on behalf of consumers and has a unique policy agenda among auto clubs.

Better World Club offers numerous benefits offered by no other club:

  • Discounts on hybrid rental cars
  • The nation’s only bicycle roadside assistance
  • A carbon offset program for travelers that fights Global Warming
  • A carbon offset program for automobiles when auto insurance is purchased from Better World Insurance
  • 1% of revenues are devoted to environmental clean up and advocacy
  • Domestic partner recognition
  • Special discounts on green hotels and eco-travel

Better World Club is growing at the fastest rate of any national auto club—expanding at a rate of about 10% each month. Cost for a basic auto membership in the Better World Club begins at $53.95 a year. There is also a 100-mile “Premium” program available, as well as the bicycle program.

Better World Club has a distinctive policy agenda—supporting the attempts of states to better regulate automobiles to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Those interested in becoming members can call the Club at 1-866-238-1137 or visit www.betterworldclub.com.


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