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  Why You Should Rent a Hybrid

EV Rental Cars opened its doors in December 1998 as the first and only rental company in the United States to rent environmental vehicles to the public. Their current fleet consists of more than 400 cars including electric, natural gas and hybrid-electric vehicles. Airport locations include Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Ontario, Palm Springs, Burbank, San Jose, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, and Washington, DC.

EV Rental Cars' mission is to provide the most technologically advanced environmental vehicles to the general public as soon as they are available, to raise the awareness of the benefits of driving clean-fuel cars, and create a market for clean car technology. The company has prevented more than 40 tons of air pollution.

In addition to helping customers get where they need to go, EV Rental raises public awareness of the benefits of driving clean-fuel cars. You've heard about these cars of the future: now go for a test drive!

Time Savings

  • Drivers can travel in the carpool lane even if they are alone in California, Arizona, Virginia and Georgia.
  • Most vehicles can be returned empty with no additional charge.

Money Savings

  • Charging electric vehicles is FREE and the cost of compressed natural gas is less expensive than gasoline.
  • Hybrid-electric vehicles are economical because they get more than 60 miles per gallon.