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Better World Club: The Nations Only Eco-Friendly Auto Club.
Roadside Assistance, Insurance, and Travel

  • Better World Club provides auto roadside assistance with the same services as AAA and the others, but with green values. Ranked higher than AAA by Compare our pricing and plans here.
  • We not only invented roadside assistance for bicycles, but are the only provider of nationwide bicycle roadside assistance. More details about our bicycle roadside assistance is available here.
  • We're not part of the highway lobby! We fight AAA on everything from greenhouse gas regulation of automobiles to bike lanes. Most recently, we urged our members to support the 3-Foot rule and voiced our support for Senate Bill 916 in California.
  • Ready to make the switch? Either sign up online, or give us a call at 1-866-238-1137 to get any questions you may have answered and sign up over the phone!

Better World Club is the most reliable and greenest alternative to AAA and other roadside assistance providers. More than 10 years ago, BWC pioneered the first and only nationwide roadside assistance program for bicycles. And since our founding in 2002, Better World Club has remained our nation's only provider of eco-friendly roadside assistance: we offset the environmental impact of our fleet and have opposed the highway-centric lobbying of groups such as AAA, advocating instead for smarter city planning and more transportation funds for bicycle lanes, pedestrian pathways, and public transit systems all of which will better serve and sustain our US transportation system.

Why are we here? Because we (like you) believe that people should be able to vote with their dollars to support companies that match their values. We are a for-profit company, but we have a triple bottom line. We believe that as we grow, our stewardship of the environment and our responsibility to social causes should grow in kind.

As well as roadside assistance, we provide green auto insurance, travel discounts, and other auto club benefits like free maps and trip planning services.

Here are a few of the ways we're putting our money where our mouth is: We...

  • Allocate 1% of our yearly revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy
  • Maintain the only nationwide, 24/7 bicycle roadside assistance program
  • Maintain a carbon-neutral headquarters and nationwide fleet of service vehicles
  • Reward alternative energy investment though membership discounts to public transit riders and owners of alternative energy vehicles.
  • Reward annually towing providers who reduce their own carbon emissions.
  • Reduce waste by communicating as paper-free as possible while printing all our membership materials on recycled paper and/or 100% recycled (and recyclable!) plastic. (And we are part of a paper co-op!)
  • Cut our dirty energy footprint by using a solar-powered web-hosting company.
  • Keep our staff caffeinated with the finest, sustainably-farmed coffee grounds, roasted locally and delivered by bicycle courier.
Top Story from Kicking Asphalt
The eNewsletter of the Better World Club.

Named "The Onion" of corporate newsletters by EcoTalk Radio
Why did President Obama veto legislation that would force construction of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline?
Read the following statement to find out why: Read more

Changing More Than Just Tires!

Member Testimonials
  • "Called today during a snowstorm because I did not have our member number. Call was answered promptly, and staff person (Stephanie?) was able to provide me all the information I needed, including member number and emergency call number. I was never put on hold or transferred to another person. Service was ABSOLUTELY the best I have had from a service rep, anywhere, in a very long time. It was like calling my next door neighbor!!"
  • "Thanks very much! I switched to BWC because I believe you share my values and concern for sustainability. The hybrid discount is a great added bonus. It's great to see businesses thrive on a positive progressive message."
  • "I was delighted to switch to BWC several years ago when I learned about the company. I had been a member of AAA for more than 30 years at the time and never liked their politics but needed to have reliable roadside assistance. One of my cars is a 1970 MG, and if you know anything about older British cars . . . BWC's philosophy and environmental and social concerns align very nicely with mine."
  • "My alternator gave out suddenly one night. I was stranded on a frontage road near the freeway, in the dark, in the rain, a couple hundred miles from home late on a weekend night. When I called BWC, your representative asked if I was in a safe place, dispatched a tow truck, and asked if I needed help finding a hotel for the night. Needless to say, I was impressed. It's good to know folks like you have my back!"
Travel Discounts

If you're renting a car, booking a hotel, or shoping around town, you can save though your Better World Club Membership. Members can save enough to pay for their membership year after year.

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Aside from our numerous travel discounts, we also offer oppertunities to save on everything from pet insurance to alternative cleaning products.

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