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About Better World Club

Better World Club, Inc. is dedicated to balancing economic goals with social and environmental responsibility. Better World Club supports a cleaner environment and alternative modes of transportation. We provide our customers with high quality, good value and environmentally sensitive products and services:

We act as an advocate on behalf of the consumer and demonstrate our social and environmental commitment by donating an amount equal to 1% of our annual revenues toward environmental clean-up and advocacy and by providing unique eco-friendly travel alternatives.

A history of our testimonials

History - Ohio Boys Make Good

Todd Silberman and Mitch Rofsky met forty years ago in an Ohio Cub Scout troop. Little did they know that someday they would create Better World Services, Inc. Wouldn't their den mother be proud? (There's so much more to tell about Todd and Mitch in their youth: from academic honors to the culture of the 1960’s—you know about the 1960’s don’t you? But we thought you'd be most interested in the Cub Scout story.)

Better World Club's founders worked their way through law school in the 70's, Todd as a travel agent, Mitch with winnings from game shows like the Joker's Wild. Upon graduating, Todd sensed the airline industry beginning to deregulate. He seized the opportunity and co-founded the third largest travel agency in the U.S. before selling it to American Express in the early 90's. Todd was an innovator at the cutting edge of the fast evolving industry.

Meanwhile, Mitch selflessly dedicated himself to the public interest, working for Ralph Nader's Public Citizen —(this was Nader well before he became a politician). He later helped to provide the initial financing for the socially responsible Working Assets Mutual Fund and became its President in 1991. He was the first chair of Business for Social Responsibility, and in 1996 founded just such a progressive business, American Consumer Insurance which is now Better World Insurance, Cambridge MA.

The Right Idea at the Right Time

While test marketing the insurance program in Massachusetts, Mitch was approached by environmentalists who were fighting AAA on issues like Clean Air and Mass Transit. Mitch thought there was an opportunity to compete with AAA as well and Todd agreed. But there was work to do. Better World Club has grown through the efforts of a committed staff whose dedication to social responsibility spans every aspect of travel -- whether when from flying around the world, renting a cottage in Ireland, or riding a bike to work.

Where are we now: A Brief History of BWC’s Advocacy

    In 2013 we:
        Asked congress to close a $100 billion corporate tax loophole.
        Supported Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program
        Supported California’s continued efforts towards a 3-foot passing rule for bike safety.
        Advocated for non-corn ethanol production
        Sponsored The World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, OR.
        Encouraged members to participate in Bike To Work week.
        Spoken out against and asked members to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline.

    In 2012, we:
        Protested the Citizen’s United ruling by signing a "Business Statement
            In Support of Government by the People,"along with leaders from Seventh
            Generation, Patagonia, Ben and Jerry's, Utne Reader, and Green America.
        Began offering bicycle accident and liability insurance to help protect cyclists nationwide.
        Helped fund and publicize a project to transform used tires into trail-paving material.

    In 2011, we:
        Supported Senate Bill 910, a bill that would have amended the CA Vehicle code to require
            drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing.
        Joined with the American Sustainable Business Council to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline.

    In 2010, we opposed Prop. 23, which would have suspend California's greenhouse gas
            emission laws.

    In 2009, we joined the American Sustainable Business Council.

    In 2008, we:
        Helped protest anti-environmental lobbying by Toyota.
        Were the first auto club to publicly acknowledge and offer partner benefits
            to LGBT couples.
        Urged the EPA to update lead emissions standards.

    In 2007, we:
        Joined the Biodiesel Alliance.
        Supported a Massachusetts proposal to legalize Pay-by-the-Mile auto insurance.

    In 2005, we:
        Testified in support of legislation requiring the state of Oregon to regulate
            the greenhouse gas emissions of automobiles.
        Joined Oregon’s  Task Force on Automobile Emissions to help implement
            tougher emission rules.

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Quotes From Members

  • "Also, I'm really pleased that I found Better World; it really suits the values of my family and, by the way, my congregation and my grad students. I don't know how many in either group belong to any auto club or travel club, but they surely would be ashamed not to join up with BW if they ever join any. :)"
  • "Thanks again for your prompt and courteous and helpful support."
  • "This claim was the only time so far that we've needed to use our BWC coverage, but it was exactly what we needed in that situation, so we'll definitely keep our memberships active in case we run into issues on future rides!"
  • "You serve your market with intelligence and humor. I didn't feel like I was a family member when I had AAA, but I feel like an important part of a socially-conscious family with you. Keep the newsletters coming."
  • "Thanks very much! I switched to BWC because I believe you share my values and concern for sustainability. The hybrid discount is a great added bonus. It's great to see businesses thrive on a positive progressive message."
  • "My alternator gave out suddenly one night. I was stranded on a frontage road near the freeway, in the dark, in the rain, a couple hundred miles from home late on a weekend night. When I called BWC, your representative asked if I was in a safe place, dispatched a tow truck, and asked if I needed help finding a hotel for the night. Needless to say, I was impressed. It's good to know folks like you have my back!"
  • "Your newsletter is full of stimulating information--not only revealing the truth about companies/regulations that are unfair, unconscious, or downright despicable, but also highlighting positive efforts and developments for a better world. Really appreciate it. And also enjoy your sense of humor."
  • "The service provider was stellar. Annan was quick, competent, careful, knowledgeable and very jovial! He is a treasure. He took care of my classic car and was a delight to spend an hour with in traffic! GREAT SERVICE" Stephen - Bay Area, CA
  • "Great experience. I am very happy I signed up as a BW member and will continue to do so." Lee - Washington, DC
  • "Couldn't ask for better service. Thanks!" Paul - Baltimore, MD
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