The mission of our Foundation is a simple one: we want to give away money to environmental projects that remedy the adverse impact of travel and to consumer advocacy.

We need your help:
Please send us money. Lots of it. And we're waiting…So, as we pause for you to get out your checkbook, here's how we've spent our money while we've waited for yours:

Our 1% clean-up effort:
We are committed to giving away an amount equal to 1% of revenue (not profits, which are much smaller) to environmental cleanup and advocacy.

We do this in several ways:
1. Through our Carbon Offset Program which is designed to fight Global Warming.

2. Through membership sales.

3. Through online travel bookings. We donate $1.00 for each travel reservation made through our online booking engines.

Carbon Offsets help neutralize the greenhouse gas pollution that is associated with the burning of fossil fuels. When you drive in your car or fly in an airplane, harmful gases (including CO2) are released into the atmosphere. Our Foundation carefully screens and selects offset projects that neutralize these emissions that are directly contributing to global warming pollution. More on Carbon Offsets

Contributions have been committed to the following projects:
Replacing out-of-date oil-burning boilers for Portland (OR) Public Schools, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by tens of thousands of tons and save the city's school system money. Read what others are saying about our carbon offset program.

Alternatively, you can join the Better World Club, which supports our environmental clean-up efforts:

1% of all revenues are devoted to our cleanup effort and consumer advocacy. So, join Better World.

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1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment