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2009 Chevrolet Cobalt

Component: Steering

Complaint: Vehicle veers left. Defect was addressed by GM recall of which customer was notified one week before the defect resulted in a crash (12,000 miles).

Component: Power train: automatic transmission: lever and linkage: column shift

Complaint: Customer attempted to back out of a parking space but the accelerator did not respond. She applied more pressure and the car accelerated quickly, resulting in a crash.

Component: Steering/Air bags

Complaint: Power steering failed resulting in a crash. None of the Cobalt’s air bags deployed.

Component: Vehicle Speed Control

Complaint: Unintended acceleration controllable only when vehicle was put in neutral and its engine was stopped.

Component: Steering

Complaint: Power steering was lost without warning and the vehicle steered out of control resulting in a crash (33,300 miles).

Component: Steering

Complaint: Vehicle veered right resulting in crash (33,000 miles).

Component: Steering

Complaint: Customer lost power steering on two occasions, the second after her power steering column was replaced by a dealer.

For more complaints, see http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/complaints/.

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