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High Mileage Review

If the Shoe Fits, Take it For a Test Drive

After Three Years, We Can Still Get Into the Honda Fit

For the first time in Kicking Asphalt history we’re re-reviewing a high mileage car. Back in January, 2008 we covered the 2007 Honda Fit, which was released for the first time in the United States in 2006. A member got in touch and asked our opinion of the new model, so we thought we’d go ahead and take another close look. Three model years later, it’s still a good fit.

In addition to being inexpensive and fuel efficient (people considering buying an Insight should take a look), the Fit is the safest and roomiest car in the subcompact class. Responsive handling also makes it fun to drive and very well suited to city maneuverability.

And, while earlier Fit models were criticized for their cheap looking interiors, the 2010 redesign brought with it a higher quality interior styling that adds visual appeal to the Fit’s space efficiency (it has 20.6 cubic feet of cargo room and comfortably seats two adults in the back seat). The newest Fit also has a more detailed and aerodynamic exterior, although it’s still a taller hatchback, so it can’t help looking a little like a mini minivan.

We liked the 2007 Fit. And, with Honda’s design improvements, we can only say we like the 2010 Fit more. If you’re looking to purchase a subcompact, you should definitely try the 2010 Fit on for size.

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