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Alternative Fuel Report

Good News for Corn! Bad News for the Rest of Us

Fuel Prices Rise Across the Country in Every Category…Except, that is, for Ethanol

We hate to be the herald of bad news, but c’mon, you should really be expecting this by now. It’s nearly summer, and fuel prices are on the rise in every region. (Just in time for your vacation, yeah, but don’t we go through this every year?) Gasoline prices have risen over $0.10 since our last report – which is strange because oil is practically washing up on the Gulf coast. Diesel prices are up by an average of over $0.30, and B20 and B99 prices are up $0.25 and $0.50 since March. CNG prices rose $0.05 nationwide.

Only ethanol managed to buck the trend. E85 prices dropped on average $0.09 since our last report. Your minivan may run on biodiesel, but have some compassion. Corn producers have been feeling the heat lately, and maybe falling ethanol prices will help stir up some demand. (Or maybe we’re onto some sort of conspiracy here.)

In any case, there’s a silver lining for everyone planning to power their vacations on gas: According to an AP report, gasoline prices have likely risen as high as they will before the Memorial Day holiday and will probably peak below the $3.00 threshold.

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