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When There's More Than One Member of the Family, It's Still 4 Service Calls Per Member

Four Member Families: That's 4 Service Calls Each, Not 12 Service Calls for Murray and 4 for Everyone Else

Reviewing the pattern of usage of our memberships can be interesting. For example, there are some memberships with both primary and associate members who apparently believe that either person can receive all 8 service calls.

This is wrong--and breaks BWC rules. There are only 4 service calls per member. It's kind of like voting: just because other members of your household have not voted doesn't mean that you get their votes. Similarly, if an associate member doesn't use all of his or her services calls, they cannot be used by someone else.

All auto clubs work as insurance programs. If people could use 8 service calls, the nature of the insurance--and the pricing--breaks down.

It should also go without saying that these service calls are non-transferable. They cannot be given to friends. Members have not purchased 4 service calls to use as you wish. You have purchased 4 service calls to use if you need them. It's only because 60% or so of our members do not need them in any given year that Better World can afford to offer you our attractive rates.

The only exception to the 4 service calls per member rule involves lockouts/locksmith services. Here there are only 4 calls with each membership, regardless of the number of associates. If you have more than 4 lockouts in the family per year, everyone in your family is too hyper. We recommend decaf.