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Better World Club Partners with Animal Protection Institute

My Dog Is Cool! Campaign to Designed to Prevent Accidents

Better World Club recognizes that animal safety is important business, and this month we highlight Animal Protection Institute and their My Dog is Cool campaign

Most people are aware that, every year, children die after being left inside cars in hot weather. Fewer know that countless dogs die similar, terrible deaths, because such incidents are rarely reported to authorities.

The combination of warm weather and a closed car can literally be a killer for dogs. Even leaving a dog for "just a minute" to run errands can lead to tragic consequences. Every year, dogs suffer and die after being left inside cars during the summertime heat. These tragic deaths are entirely preventable.

"My Dog is Cool" is designed to educate people about the dangers hot weather poses to dogs. The campaign will spread the word to the public, auto manufacturers, shopping malls, police departments and animal control departments nationwide. It is a campaign of the Animal Protection Institute (API), a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) advocacy organization.