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Are Our Members Fulfilled?

BWC Has Transitioned to a Primarily Paperless Fulfillment System

BWC recently changed the way we send our members their materials. As part of our conservation mission, we now work to do as much fulfillment as possible online. For every 100 members that do not request a paper fulfillment kit, 20+ lbs of water and 1+ lbs of oil are saved -- and 2.8 paper cuts prevented. And, in general, our membership materials do not change substantially from year to year.

A link at the member section of our website will allow you to print membership cards, although we will never ask you to present a card to receive service. Electronic copies of all of our most recent fulfillment documents are also available to print. Your membership documents will initially be sent to you via email at the time of your enrollment/renewal. Paper materials are only being sent to those members without email addresses or who specifically request them. If you would prefer to receive paper materials, please log on to the member section of the website.

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