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CarShare Vermont

There are more than 230 million automobiles in the U.S., and at least 3 parking spaces for each of them...that's an area roughly the size of Connecticut devoted to parking!

CarShare Vermont’s mission is to provide an affordable, convenient, and reliable alternative to private car ownership that enhances the environmental, economic, and social well being of the region and planet.

CarShare Vermont gives you easy access to a network of vehicles that you can use whenever you want (it helps if you're in Vermont) for as long as you like. You pay based on how much you drive, which saves you money and helps the environment. Whether you have errands to run, need a car for work, or want to get out of town for the weekend, CarShare Vermont can get you there (and with the peace of mind of roadside assistance coverage from Better World Club). It’s really that simple!

Simple. Affordable. Fun. CarShare Vermont.

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