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Better World Club Nominated For Green Business of the Year

Better World Asks Ohio Secretary of
State To Count Its Votes

Who Nominated Halliburton?

Better World Club is one of 70 companies (that's probably all that Co-op America, the sponsor, could fit on a webpage) that have been nominated for the People's Choice Award for Green Business of the Year.

As the name of the award indicates, the winner will be chosen by a vote of the general public. All are welcome to cast their vote for their favorite nominee.

Co-op America says that green businesses operate in ways that solve, rather than cause, both environmental and social problems. These businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, their employees, communities, and the environment. (Yes, we know you're thinking "Better World Club".)

Funny, Co-op America doesn't mention anything about a prize. Just what does Better World Club win if we're selected? It's hard to bribe..uh..incentify..uh..encourage our supporters to vote unless we know just what we win. More public adulation? We're drowning it it already. More mentions on the Co-op America website? We love Co-Op America, but we're already mentioned numerous times on their website...

Still, Better World believes that once you're in a competition, one should play to win. So if we win, we'll insist (encourage? beg?) that Co-op America award us something that we can ''share'' with our members. Besides, think how embarrassing it will be if it's announced that Patagonia wins yet another award. Or Shorebank for that matter. Hey, we love Shorebank. But come on. They're a Bank for goodness sake.

So save Co-op America from discomfort. Vote early and often for Better World Club. And when you nominate us next year, how about mentioning Kicking Asphalt? Is that asking too much? In fact, isn't there an ''eNewsletter of the year'' award that someone can nominate Kicking Asphalt for? (Hey, we're a publication...we're supposed to be desperate for attention.)

Of course, your support would be appreciated. Voting ends October 24th 2005.

This article was originally included in the September 2005 issue of our eNewsletter, Kicking Asphalt.