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California Bill Would Provide Incentives To Buy “Clean” Cars, While Surcharging “Dirty” Cars

Sounds Like Better World Club’s Hybrid/Biodiesel Discount and Gas Guzzler Surcharge

Of course, this isn’t the first time the state of California has copied us. We appointed a muscular leader with a funny name – BWC President Mitch Rofsky – years before Californians elected Gov. Schwarzenegger. Since we have so much in common, how can we not support the California Clean Car Discount (Assembly Bill 493)?

The discount would provide one-time rebates and one-time surcharges on the purchase of new cars based on each vehicle’s emissions of global warming pollution. The rebates would be funded through one-time surcharges on new vehicles with higher emissions of global warming pollution. The bill also allows smog-forming pollution standards to be factored into the rebates and surcharges. The measure would affect new vehicle purchases only; used cars would not be part of this program.

Transportation is by far the largest source of global warming pollution in California, accounting for more than 40% of the state’s heat-trapping emissions. There are over 20 million passenger vehicles on the road in California, and approximately 1.8 million new passenger cars and light-duty trucks are purchased each year. Even with existing vehicle regulations, a significant portion of global warming emissions in California are expected to continue to come from cars and trucks.

If we fail to significantly reduce our emissions, global warming’s impact on our health, economy, and environment will likely be devastating. Fortunately, the most severe consequences of global warming can be avoided if emissions are reduced in time. California can continue to lead the way toward effective global warming solutions by adopting cost-effective programs, such as the Clean Car Discount, that not only reduce harmful pollution, but also deliver important economic and environmental health benefits.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has put together a great campaign to support this important piece of legislation. Drive Change and help the Union of Concerned Scientists by volunteering, or you can send an email to the California Assembly, letting them know that you support the California Clean Car Discount.

The UCS campaign is meant for residents of California only. If you are not a resident of California, but would like to help, we ask that you forward this email to everyone you know who lives in California, so that they can participate.