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Washington Watch

With Washington shutdown for the conventions, the professional reporters at Kicking Asphalt have been moonlighting covering the conventions. Here are some of their convention headlines from the past two weeks:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama Says She's Just Like Us!

Boy, You've Got To Do Better Than That.

Wednesday, August 27th

Hillary Tells Supporters: “Don't Look Back. Keep Going!”

To What? 2012?

Thursday, August 28th

Biden Gives Up Delaware Senate Seat to Move Back to Pennsylvania

“I Missed My Hometown of Scranton So Much, Win or Lose, It’s Worth It”

Denies It’s Like Cheney Moving Back to Wyoming in 2000

“Heck, I’m Giving Up a Senate Seat. Isn’t That Smarte…Whoa, Wait a Second…”

Friday, August 30th

Good Speech Overshadowed As Obama Forgets Martin Luther King's Name

Saturday, August 31st

Liberal Slur: McCain Chose Palin Because She Has Breasts!

Hardly: Have You Ever Seen McCain In A Swimsuit?

Tuesday, September 2nd

Republican Conventioneers Celebrate As Bush, Cheney Speeches Wiped Out by Gustav

Survival of New Orleans Considered a ''Bonus''

Wednesday, September 3rd

Lieberman Endorses Palin, Then Meets Her

“I’d Do The Same For Mrs. Butterworth”

Someone Revives Thompson

Proves He Can Act by Acting Human

Thursday, September 4th

Investigation Reveals Palin Has PHD in Demographics

Her Research Shows That More Americans Live in Small Towns Than Previously Thought

Friday, September 5th

McCain Defends Community Organizers From Palin Broadside

Encourages Americans To Go Out and Help Somebody

Palin: ''It Almost Made Me Barf''

McCain Also Names Three Pitiful Citizens

No Program Addressed To Them, Just Felt Americans Should Know Who They Are

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