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Better World Club Selects DriveNeutral as Carbon Offset Partner

BWC to Expand Services to Help Members Offset Annual Driving, Flying, and More

Better World Club has offered carbon offsets through its TravelCool program for five years now. We were the first to do it in the roadside assistance industry, the travel industry, and the insurance industry. After achieving all these "firsts", most folks would be content to stay at home, watch TV, and become "one" with their couches. Not us, however. We tried, of course, but our spouses kicked us out of the house and sent us back to work.

So, forced to work, we decided to make our carbon offset program even better. To do this, we partnered with DriveNeutral, a nonprofit business entity within the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco.

Working with DriveNeutral will help BWC facilitate the development of needed expertise and innovation in the field of Sustainable Management. DN provides a clinic environment for Presidio students working toward an MBA in sustainable business. The lessons learned in this clinic environment are carried on by the students as they lead our transformation to a sustainable society.

Most retail offerers of carbon offset instruments finance projects traded on the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). DN is the only company that does this exclusively. CCX has the most legally enforceable system of accountability, and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) reviews each member's account annually for accuracy. In addition, every offset project must contract with a CCX approved third-party verifier who audits the projects where they take place, not just through the project's paper trail.

Even before partnering with DriveNeutral, Better World has been offering its members several carbon offset options:

1.) Book a flight through Better World Travel. Members who book round-trip domestic US flights with a Better World Travel Agent will get a free carbon offset for their flight ($11 value).

2.) Book a flight through the Internet, another travel agency, or airline and send your tax-deductible donation to offset the CO2 emissions from your flight. ($11 for domestic flights or $22 international flights.)

3.) Purchase auto insurance through Better World Insurance and offset your car's first ton of greenhouse gas emissions free. ($11 value).

4.) Make a donation. For each $11 donation you will offset roughly one ton of CO2 emissions.

Now, thanks to our partnership with DriveNeutral, BWC members will be able to use handy carbon calculators embedded in our website to quickly and easily assess their carbon emissions and offset them right away.