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Gas-Saving Tips

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Buicks

Summer travel season is nigh upon us, and whether you’re a nun-turned-singing governess hiding from Nazis, or a family of five driving to the Grand Canyon, your road trip will include at least one hill. Here are some tips to help you conserve gas on hills:

- Build up speed before you start climbing, and you will reduce your need to downshift to a less efficient gear.

- Turn your A/C off when climbing up the hill, and then back on when going down the hill. Your downward momentum will basically power the A/C “gas-free” with energy that you would have otherwise wasted by braking.

- Shift to the highest feasible gear and take your foot off the accelerator when heading down steep hills. Gravity will power you along, saving gas and reducing engine wear. Do not, however, turn your engine off and coast down hills. You’ll lose both power steering and power brakes, your steering wheel may lock up on you, or your engine may overheat and be damaged.