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Intex Solutions

Sustainable Commercial Carpet and Textile Care

Intex Solutions is a leading company in the care of commercial carpets and other interior finishes. Intex is based in Los Angeles and has served the corporate and retail sectors for over 30 years, maximizing the appearance and life of interior surfaces while providing care in an environmentally responsible manner.

Intex seeks to set a standard for small businesses in environmentally responsible practices. Their proprietary EcoTex system achieves superior cleaning quality and conserves valuable water resources while protecting human health and the environment. Its primary cleaning agent, EcoTex H, has already earned the cleaning industry's highest environmental credential, the Green Seal Certification. What's more, Intex cleans CO2OL by offsetting any climate-changing gas released by its normal energy usage during cleaning with a donation to the Carbon Fund.

Better World Club is proud to provide roadside assistance to Intex employees through our employee benefit program.

Interested in keeping your employees safe on the road with Better World Club? Contact us!

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