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Gas-Saving Tips

Stick It In Your Car Hole

Or, If You're Feeling Hoity-Toity, You Can Call it a "Garage"

- Resist the urge to fill your garage with old magazines, things you intend to take to Goodwill someday, or pirate treasure*. Keep your garage clear of junk and leave plenty of room for your car.

- Now that your garage is clean, you should keep your car there when you're not driving it. During cold weather, this will keep the car a little warmer when you start it, thus improving fuel efficiency. Keeping your car in the garage also protects the car's rubber and plastic bits, which are vulnerable to the sun, heat, bird poop, and other things that corrode your car.

- In the winter, park your car so the front is in the warmest part of the garage. This will help the engine warm up more quickly when you start the car, improving fuel efficiency.

[*This is just common sense: Pirate treasure always has some kind of curse on it. Believe us, you don't want a cursed car hole.]