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Gas-Saving Tips

Running Errands?

Add Fuel Efficiency To Your "Do" List

- Leave your car at home. Walking, riding a bicycle, and taking the bus are all more environmentally friendly options. A bicycle pannier is handy for carrying groceries home by bike.

- If you need to drive, you should plan your route ahead of time. The more efficient your route, the more fuel-efficient your trip will be.

- If you have multiple stops on your trip, you should try to make your first stop the most distant from your home. Doing this, your engine will warm up more quickly, making your car more fuel efficient for the rest of your trip.

- Unless you're trying to find a one-armed man while simultaneously avoiding Tommy Lee Jones, you should avoid backtracking on your route. Backtracking increases the distance you travel, causing you to burn more gas. Jumping off of dams is also a bad idea.