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Gas-Saving Tips

"Of Course We Have Room for the Bedroom Set, Honey! We Can Just Tie It To The Roof"

Whoa, There Einstein: The Roof Is A Bad Place To Pack Items On Road Trips

Packing suitcases, boxes, and dead Aunts (a la National Lampoon's Vacation) on your roof are a surefire way to increase drag and decrease your fuel efficiency. Be proactive. When shopping for a new car, there are several things you can look for that will help you avoid storing items on your car roof:

- Get a big trunk. The more junk in your trunk, the less you'll have to strap on the roof.

- How about a wagon? Many people poo-poo station wagons, but there are a lot of great models out there. Also, they're a great SUV substitute for people who claim to need them for hauling their children around.

- Look for a car with fold-down seats. This option greatly enhances interior storage capacity.