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Gas Saving Tips

An Ill Wind Blows No Good…

Unless, of course, the wind is blowing in the direction you happen to be driving. Here are a couple of wind-related tips to help increase your car’s fuel efficiency:

- Driving into the wind can really lower your fuel efficiency. Thus, you should always drive with the wind. Always. But what if you're running late for Easter brunch at your Aunt Karen's house and you have to drive into the wind to get there? Don’t go. Seriously. Drive with the wind at your back and have brunch at a nearby diner instead. Let's be honest, your aunt’s not that fun anyway.

- If you're driving with a crosswind, and you have your windows rolled down, make sure you only lower the windows on the side of the car opposite the direction from which the crosswind is blowing. This will decrease aerodynamic drag and improve your mileage.