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In Honor of Court Ruling, BWC Offers Gay Couples who Marry Free Memberships

Here's a Wedding Present Because We Didn't Think You'd Ever Get Married!

Gay couples who marry this summer can drive off with something more than just a marriage certificate: a free membership from Better World Club. "It's our wedding gift to them," announced Better World Club, the only auto/roadside assistance club dedicated to preserving the environment.

On May 15, California's Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples had the right to marry. Marriage licenses are now being issued to same-sex couples.

In honor of the ruling, Better World Club, the first auto club to recognize domestic partners - and now gay marriages - nationally, is giving the newlyweds a wedding present.

"We want to congratulate all the same-sex partners who are taking the big step," says Mitchell Rofsky, BWC President. "We didn't think you'd ever get married!"

Couples married between June 16 and September 20 can fax or send Better World a copy of their marriage license. Better World Club will then waive its $12 sign-up fee and the Associate Membership fee of $20-30, depending on the program. The discounts in this 2-for-1 membership represent a gift of as much as $42.

BWC will still give the same reduction to domestic partners located in states that don't recognize gay marriages. It will even offer opposite-sex couples the same wedding present. "Gay marriage is good for everyone, so we're including all the June brides … grooms ... spouses ... whatever!" says Rofsky.

Before Better World Club, gay and lesbian couples had an unattractive choice to make when joining the roadside assistance clubs used by millions of Americans: either pretend they were heterosexual couples by not disclosing one partner's last name or pay for an additional primary membership. Virtually from its inception, BWC has enabled gay and lesbian couples to obtain roadside assistance, use their actual names, and sign up for one membership at the reduced prices available to all.

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