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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The 2007 Ford F-150

Better World Club’s "Lemon Information" feature highlights consumer complaints from a different car model each month. We are not editorializing and claiming that these cars are necessarily lemons. Instead, we are merely providing information and ask readers to form their own opinions.

Component: Steering

Complaint: In wet weather, the truck has lost control on multiple occasions. Two separate dealers have been unable to determine the cause of failure.

Component: Vehicle speed control

Complaint: The vehicle accelerated from 0 to 25 without warning, while the brake pedal was depressed. The dealer was unable to duplicate the failure.

Component: Service brakes, pedals, and linkages

Complaint: The brake pedal stuck to the floor when the brakes were applied.

Component: Suspension

Complaint: The tires wore out at a fast pace and the tread in the rear of the tire was lower than the tread in the front. The dealer stated the tires were cupping and replaced the first set of tires. The new set of tires also wore down at an accelerated pace. Another mechanic noted that the shocks were failing.

Component: Vehicle speed control

Complaint: While shifting gears into reverse the vehicle accelerated backwards at full speed, causing a collision with another vehicle. The driver shifted into drive and the vehicle continued to accelerate into reverse.

Component: Vehicle speed control

Complaint: The truck would suddenly lunge forward whenever it was idling in drive while stopped (for red lights, etc.), without the driver touching the accelerator. This has happened six times in one month.

Component: Air conditioner

Complaint: The air conditioner does not produce cold air, especially when the truck is idling.

Component: Vehicle speed control

Complaint: The truck accelerated suddenly three times.

Component: Tire issues with treads/belt

Complaint: The rear driver side tire failed without warning at 60 MPH.

Component: Air conditioner

Complaint: Air conditioner does not cool vehicle sufficiently.

Component: Cruise control

Complaint: The truck accelerated without warning to 120 MPH while the cruise control was activated. Depressing the brake did not slow the vehicle, and the driver was forced to use the parking brake and turn off the ignition to stop the vehicle.

Component: Vehicle speed control

Complaint: The fuel tank indicator shows “empty” even when the tank is full. Also, the truck has “revved” without the driver touching the accelerator on four occasions.

Component: Windshield visibility

Complaint: Glare from the dashboard hampers visibility.

Component: Engine

Complaint: The truck surged forward unexpectedly. The dealer was unable to duplicate the failure.

Component: Automatic transmission

Complaint: The trucks transmission case failed, which leaked fluid.

Component: Cruise control

Complaint: While the cruise control was engaged, the truck accelerated from 65 MPH to 125 MPH by itself. The driver was unable to stop the truck using the brakes and was forced to turn the engine off and apply the emergency break.

Component: Brake Pads

Complaint: The rear emergency brake pads distorted after only 25 miles. This failure had the possibility of locking the rear axle while the truck is in motion, increasing the odds of a serious accident.

Component: Electrical system

Complaint: The truck caught on fire. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Component: Engine

Complaint: The truck accelerated from 0 to 25 MPH without warning. The driver had to put the truck in neutral and turn off the engine before it would stop.

Component: Engine

Complaint: The head gasket started leaking after only 648.5 miles.

Component: Steering wheel

Complaint: The driver noticed a ¾ inch hole in the truck’s steering wheel.

Component: Engine

Complaint: The truck’s motor suddenly quit and lost steering and power brakes.

Component: Engine

Complaint: The truck spontaneously caught fire and was destroyed after only 22,000 miles.

Component: Air conditioning

Complaint: The truck’s air conditioning was not producing cold air. The dealer added Freon, and the problem improved, but it was still not as effective as it should have been.

Component: Brakes

Complaint: The brake pedal fades to the floor after stopping.

Component: Engine

Complaint: While driving 70 MPH, the truck’s front end shakes. This failure happened at 1,040 miles.