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2008 Chevrolet Silverado

Component: Brake failure
Consequence: Driving 15 mph, the brakes failed, causing the vehicle to run a red light and crash with another car in the intersection. The truck had 486 miles on it.

Component: Tire failure
Consequence: Driving 55 mph, the Silverado’s rear driver-side tire fell off, causing the vehicle to swerve and roll three times. The truck had 3,250 miles on it.

Component: Front air bag failure
Consequence: The driver fell asleep, causing the Silverado to crash into a telephone pole. The front air bags did not deploy, resulting in injury to the driver. The truck had 5,300 miles on it.

Component: Transmission failure
Consequence: A 2008 Silverado experienced an engine fire after only 30 miles subsequent to leaving the dealership. The driver pulled over and called for assistance. It was later determined that a component of the transmission was either improperly installed at the factory during assembly or immediately failed in the first 30 miles that the vehicle had been driven. This failure resulted in transmission fluid being sprayed directly onto the catalytic converter, thereby causing the fire.

Component: Anti-lock brake failure
Consequence: The driver of the 2008 Silverado had to break abruptly. All four wheels locked up, causing the vehicle to slide on the dry pavement.

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