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OK Massachusetts Members. If You Haven’t Purchased Auto Insurance Through Better World Club, Pay Attention:

The Rules Are Changing - and to Your Advantage

In Massachusetts, Better World works with Plymouth Rock Assurance Corp, the insurance company with the fewest consumer complaints.

Consumers will have even less to complain about, thanks to these great new benefits:

- Accident Forgiveness. This benefit ensures that your insurance rates won't go up after your first at-fault accident. [To qualify, you must have had a perfect driving record for the past six years and have been a Plymouth Rock customer for the past four years.]

- Email Notifications that remind you when your driver's license, registration, and car inspection are about to expire. We'll make sure you don't forget those important deadlines.

- Discounts on driving lessons (not that YOU need them or anything).

- And Much More!

You can learn more about these new benefits by calling Better World Club's agency in Massachusetts, American Consumer Insurance, at 888-299-2993.

Click here to get an insurance quote from Better World Club.