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Village Green Energy: Don’t Just Offset Your Emissions - Eliminate Them

BWC Members Receive a 20% Discount at Village Green Energy

Village Green is one of the few companies that is paying close attention to the "additionality" factor of each offset project it supports. Village Green focuses on renewable energy projects that force additional renewable power on to the grid, creating more kilowatt-hours from renewable sources like wind, and avoiding generating power by fossil fuels.

Village Green has extensive content on its website to explain exactly how it ensures that your money is making a difference Why generate power with coal, then plant a tree to offset the carbon dioxide emissions when you could simply shift to renewables like wind, solar, and biogas?

Protecting the health of our planet is the world’s most pressing task. We as individuals should be doing all we can – first by reducing our energy usage through efficiency and habit, and then by supporting renewable energy for the power that we simply have to use.

Click here for the exclusive Village Green Energy member page for Better World Club members, and start making a difference today.