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Plant a Tree the Next Time You Buy a Book

BWC Members Receive 15% Discount at Eco-Libris!

We know you love books. Who doesn't? But what about all the trees that are used to produce the paper for these books? About 20 million trees are being cut down EVERY YEAR to produce the books sold in the U.S. alone.

What can you do about it? How you can go green? Plant a tree for every book you read!

Eco-Libris offers you to balance out the paper in your books by planting one tree for every book you get. They have partnered with three highly respected U.S. and UK registered non-profit organizations to plant the trees in developing countries, benefiting both local communities and the environment.

For every book you balance out, you receive an Eco-Libris sticker made of recycled paper. These stickers can make any book you buy as a gift not only greener, but also a special and unique gift for the holidays!