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Better World Club Makes All Of Your Wildest Dreams Come True!

(As Long as Your Wildest Dreams Involve a New and Improved Car Rental Booking Engine)

It doesn't matter if you're renting a car to visit your family for Christmas in Oklahoma, or to carry you and your best friend on a multi-state crime spree/voyage of discovery "Thelma and Louise" style: either way, Better World Club can make reserving a car easier with our new booking engine.

Some new features that we have added to the booking engine include:

Interactive Selections: Drop-down menus will automatically update based on the previous selection on the Car home page, making it easier for you to quickly search for your specific needs.

Improved Search Parameters: Members may now search for a pick-up location "Near an address" or "Near a place of interest" in addition to "At an airport".

Price Matrix: The ability to preview up to five suppliers within a result set including a matrix of available car classes and pricing for easy comparison of rates.

Progress Bar: An interactive progress bar to help members gauge completion of their transaction.

Email Confirmations: The ability to send car confirmations to more than one email address.

Click here to take the new car rental booking engine out for a test drive.