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Round and Round They Go

AAA Sponsors NASCAR, Which Goes Nowhere

Better World Club Sponsors a Different Kind of Race (see below)

Environmentalists have attacked AAA's anti-environmental lobbying practices for several years now. Perhaps, as symbolic of AAA as anything else, is their sponsorship of NASCAR--and its very own NASCAR team.

Better World Club supports friendly competition, even if it can be accused of being a time waster (view any of the Presidential Debates lately?). But, this is one that consumes 216,000-2,000,000 gallons of gas annually (depending on whether you use NASCAR or environmental group statistics).

More interesting is the refusal of NASCAR to adjust to almost any element of 21st Century transportation.

OK, NASCAR vehicles don't have emissions control devices like mufflers or catalytic converters. And, the “official fuel of NASCAR” still contains lead (though they have bowed to pressure from environmental groups and hope to start using unleaded fuel in 2008). Lead additives were phased out of passenger fuel back in the 70’s, but NASCAR has been exempt from this rule. The EPA states that the form of lead used in gasoline, alkyl lead, can cause neurological damage and memory loss at very low levels. (Alberto Gonzales is apparently attending too many NASCAR events.)

Children are especially vulnerable. Another EPA report notes that lead particles could remain airborne around racetracks, potentially placing spectators and nearby residents at risk. (Hey, stock cars do include seat belts. This too would have once been considered PC. Times Change!)

Better World Club was formed after environmental groups approached our founders asking for their help in addressing AAA's anti-environmental practices. With the increased awareness of the causes and consequences of global climate change, Better World’s mission to bring about positive change in a traditionally anti-environmental industry has only become more vital.

Kicking Asphalt is not proposing that NASCAR be shut down. We're just saying you are what you sponsor. AAA sponsors NASCAR. Better World Club sponsors the race to stop Global Warming. The latter isn't on TV every Sunday, but we'll let you make the call as to which is more important.