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Tow Truck Drivers Don't Like AAA

Hmmm...How Quickly Do You Think Unhappy Service Providers Will Assist AAA Members?

The other night, my partner and I stopped at Target on our way home from the airport to pick up a few supplies. The roads had been pretty sketchy all day, thanks to an ice storm, and it was getting late, but we figured it would just be a quick stop. When we returned to our car, we discovered that we had a flat tire--and our attempts to take care of it were completely unsuccessful. We called BWC, and the repair guy came out. While he was changing the tire, he and I started chatting. He asked how I heard about BWC. I told him that I heard about it on Car Talk, and he then exclaimed, "This is the world's best auto club. They are the only ones who really care about little guys and small businesses like mine." He went on to say that AAA and the like just try to put him out of business. He was totally professional and got us back on the road in no time flat, and I got to make a new connection with a local auto shop.

So this is just a long-winded way of saying thanks for providing your service, and thanks for helping the little (auto repair) guys out. I appreciate it, and they do, too.

Jeremy - Iowa City, IA

December 2007

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1% Donated to the Environment