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Gas Hysteria

Confused By The Gas Rebate Coupons?

It’s best to submit your coupons every quarter and not all at once. That way, the coupons are less likely to get separated from receipts. Also, we only need one receipt per quarter and not one for every month. As long as that receipt is at least $10 you will receive a check back for $10. This check does not come from Better World Club; it comes from Assurant, a vendor who works with BWC. So don’t recycle that envelope. It’s not junk! It’s ten bucks.

Please keep in mind that the coupons are honored according to your membership year and not the calendar year, so check your effective date. If your membership dates are 4/15/2007 to 4/15/2008 a receipt dated 4/2/2007 will not be honored. If you are a renewing member please submit the last quarter coupon about a month before your renewal date, as it takes 4-6 weeks to process the rebate requests. If the rebate arrives after your old expiration date, the processing clerk will look at your new year. If this cannot be avoided then please enclose a note referencing your previous membership year.

Please call the BWC customer service office at 866-238-1137 if you have any questions about your gas reimbursement coupons.