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Hey, Cheapo! Are the Gas Reimbursement Coupons Your Favorite BWC Benefit?

If You Want to Receive Your Checks, Make Sure the Name and Address You Note on the Coupon Match What We Have on File

Please note that only one receipt is necessary per coupon. Our vendor will mail out a check to the address we have on file for you. The rebate may be rejected if the address you list on the coupon does not match the address we have on file. Please also note that the reimbursement check will be made out in the name of the primary member of your Better World membership. These precautions are taken to protect our members from the fraudulent reimbursement of gas coupons.

The gas reimbursement checks are mailed in an envelope with the name and return address of our vendor, Assurant, from Florida (see their logo below). Don’t recycle that unfamiliar envelope as junk; it has $10 in your name inside.

[NOTE: This benefit is not available in Minnesota.]

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