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Looking To Add Or "Lose" A Partner?

Better World Club and/or “Bernie The Fixer” Can Help

Well, we can’t find you a soul mate or “rub out” your existing spouse (though we do know some people who can help with the latter). We can, however, help you add or remove an associate driver from your Better World Club membership. Associates can be a spouse, partner, children living at home who are under 21, or children away at school who are under 25. If you would like to make changes to your membership that would affect the cost of the membership, you will need to call us to make those changes as you will not be able to do that online. Or, you can wait for a renewal letter to arrive in the mail (provided we have your current address) and you can mail it back to us with the updates.

If you would like to make program changes and it is not time for renewal, we would be happy to make those changes for you over the phone at 866-238-1137.